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Umekita!!! Glamping & Resort opens in Osaka!

Umekita!!! Glamping & Resort opens in Osaka!

On June 10, 2017 (Sat), "Umekita!!! Glamping & Resort" opens in Osaka. Enjoy a luxurious, urban glamping experience with a festival-like atmosphere and mouth watering BBQ!!

Cafe Company Inc. has partnered with Glamp Inc., publishers of Glamp magazine and producers of various glamping events, to bring you "Umekita!!! Glamping & Resort". This is new, open-air entertainment and food restaurant / festival / resort that will be an oasis in the big city. Located on an undeveloped plot of land north of Osaka / Umeda Stations (hence "umekita"), this temporary venue will operate from June 10 - Nov. 30, 2017.

*We're still working on what's going to happen from December.

Recently gaining popularity here in Japan, glamorous camping - or glamping - is an activity that takes all of the fun of hanging out outdoors, but also includes modern luxuries and comfortable facilities. Rather than have this not-yet-developed plot of land become just another parking lot, we brought this glamping concept to Osaka. There will of course always be delicious barbeque available for those who want to come for a meal, but Umekita!!! Glamping & Resort will also be featuring live music, movies screenings under the stars, daytime yoga, flea markets, fashion shows, and more! Come and enjoy a bit of the outdoors in the middle of the urban jungle!

This facility is brought to you by 4 partners making up the Umekita!!! Glamping & Resort Operational Committee:

Umekita!!! Glamping & Resort, Facilities Details

1-25 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi.  
*Entrance: front the west side of Grand Front Osaka - North Tower, or from the underground passage from Shin Umeda City.

June 10 (Sat) - Nov. 30, 2017 (Thu)
*We will operate the area until the end of March 2018, but it is still not decided what type of events or facilities we will have from Dec 2017 until then.

Weekdays: 17:00 - 21:00
Weekends & Holidays: 11:00 - 21:00

●Seating: Total of 5 areas, 6,500 sqm, or 424 seats. *Pets not allowed.
・BBQ Field: 296 Seats 
・Gazebo Field: 10 booths (2-6 persons per booth)
・Party Tents: 10 booths (2-6 persons per tent)
・Trailer Houses: 2 houses (2-6 persons per house)
・Standing Bar: 10 tables (6 persons per table)

●Menu Sample: 150 minutes (last order 30 min. before end)
Basic BBQ Set: ¥5,500 / person (includes entrance fee & all-you-can-drink, tax not included)
Texas BBQ Set: ¥9,800 / person (includes entrance fee & all-you-can-drink, tax not included)

Gazebo Usage: ¥3,000 / booth
Party Tent: ¥5,000 / tent
Trailer House: ¥10,000 / house
BBQ Field: included in basic set

●Inquires & Reservations:
TEL: 080-9713-6358



#umekitabbq / #ウメキタグランピング

● (Japanese only for now)

*Update: Check out pictures from our CEO of the the opening day.

*Update: Check out our new Umekita!!! video: