Cafe Company Inc, (hereinafter referred to as "Company") manages customer's personal information in an appropriate and safe manner, and improperly accesses personal information from outside and its misappropriation, loss, destruction, tampering We will take measures to prevent leakage, etc., and strive for appropriate management.

1 Usage / collection purpose of personal information
We will use your personal information within the scope of legitimate business execution at our company in order to respond to inquiries to the homepage and contact you for any reasons. The purpose of acquiring personal information, its purpose of use, and its application range are as follows. Offering membership services to customers in stores.
Investigation by questionnaire etc.
E-mail contact, reply to inquiries.
Recruitment of employees, part-timers etc.
2 Disclosure of personal information to 3rd party
About the personal information of the customers, I do not do that I disclose it to a 3rd party at all without obtaining a customer's consent. But the following cases may disclose the personal information of the customers without the agreement of the customers as far as they are not against laws and ordinances concerned.
When I judge that a customers gives a disadvantage to a 3rd party
When disclosure about the personal information is demanded from a court, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the police, a bar association, consumers center or the organization having the authority that followed these.
When the disclosure to a 3rd party or an offer is demanded from a customers explicitly.
When disclosure or an offer is permitted by laws and ordinances.
When I judge us to be necessary reasonably to offer service to other customers.
3 Provide or deposit personal information to 3rd parties
When delegating all or part of our business to outside, our company carefully selected outsourcers subject to the execution of a management system that can appropriately protect personal information In addition, we have concluded a confidentiality agreement concerning the handling of personal information with outsourcing parties and strictly manage customer's personal information. Based on this condition, we may only offer or deposit to 3rd parties other than our company only in the following cases.
When collecting or analyzing individual personal information for the purpose of providing statistical information, processing it into a form that can not be identified or identified, and disclosing the statistical data.
Where laws or courts or other government agencies have required lawful disclosure.
If you got consent from the customer for other specific purposes.
4 Compliance with applications for suspension, deletion, etc. from customers
The customer requests the Company's inquiry window to request the Company to disclose or correct your own personal information, or to stop us from using your personal information, offering or depositing it You can offer it. At that time, we will confirm the identity, we will respond within reasonable period.
5 Changing purpose of use
To the extent that we have reasonable relevance to the above purpose of use, we change the purpose of use, we may change privacy policy as necessary. In that case, we will post it on our website promptly and we will inform you.
Inquiries concerning personal information regarding our company are as follows.
Contact Cafe Company Inc.
Los Gatos 2F 5-28-8 Jingumae,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 150-0001
TEL +81 3-5778-0477