NEWS 2017.09.05

On The Trip x WIRED HOTEL Tour App

On The Trip x WIRED HOTEL Tour App

On September 5th, 2017, WIRED HOTEL and ON THE TRIP have released a collaboration guide, "New Asakusa Guide."

ON THE TRIP is an audio guide that essentially guides you into an area in a similar vein to a museum audio guide. The guide leads you into Asakusa through introducing young creators doing amazing things in the area while also preserving the tradition and heritage of Asakusa. We have collaborated with 8 amazing groups around the Asakusa area that are making leaps for the Asakusa community and for preserving Japanese culture.

This audio guide is free to download and is available in 5 different languages including English and Chinese, and includes guides of not only tourists spots like Sensoji and Niigata's art field, but also has cultural and local neighborhood guides as well.

With this guide into Asakusa, we hope to provide our guests and people all over Japan with a new resource to dive into Asakusa, and further experience everything that this area has to offer.

Special thanks to:
Nakamura Tea Life Store
Shin Yoshiwara
Mingei Curry Unsuke
Chocolate Jesus

Download the application on the Apple Store (Currently only available for iOS)