PRESS RELEASE 2017.09.14

Fender Cafe plugged into WIRED TOKYO 1999, 9/14 - 10/3.

Fender Cafe plugged into WIRED TOKYO 1999, 9/14 - 10/3.

Our WIRED TOKYO 1999 is being taken over by the world famous guitar maker Fender!

In celebration of their new 35 years of making guitars in Japan, and introducing their new MADE IN JAPAN TRADITIONAL guitar series, Cafe Company has collaborated with Fender to turn our cafe into Fender Cafe. You'll be able to come and enjoy a new collaboration food menu and check out Fender's new guitars on display.


Also, Fender have gathered 13 Japanese musicians who grew up using Japan-made Fender guitars for their #MYFIRSTFENDER production. Their guitars and stories will also be on display at WIRED TOKYO 199 and their stories have been put together in a special movie.

35 Years producing in Japan, #MYFIRSTFENDER Exhibition.


FENDER CAFE plugged into WIRED TOKYO 1999

Period: Sept. 14 (Thu) - Oct. 3 (Tue) 2017
Time: 10:00 - 26:00
Place: WIRED TOKYO 1999

FENDER (Japanese only)