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WIRED HOTEL Asakusa opens on April 1, 2017.

WIRED HOTEL Asakusa opens on April 1, 2017.

April 1st, 2017 Cafe Company Inc. (Location: Shibuya, Tokyo/ President: Shujiro Kusumoto) opens the doors to their first hotel in Asakusa, in the Asakusa Kokono Club Entertainment Complex (Owned by Les Pros Entertainment), called WIRED HOTEL Asakusa as well as cafe & bar ZAKBARAN. ZAKBARAN's menu focuses on providing "Edo tsumami (appetizers)" which utilize tofu and a variety of other Japanese ingredients for a simple but varied and balanced menu based in traditional Japanese flavors. WIRED HOTEL ASAKUSA is located on the 3rd-10th floors of the Asakusa Kokono Club, whereas ZAKBARAN is located on the 1st floor of the Hotel.

* The second floor houses a theatre called "Asakusa Kyugeki" owned and operated by Les Pros Entertainment.

WIRED HOTEL is centered around the concept of LOCAL COMMUNITY HOTEL

From collaborations with local Tokyo and Asakusa craftsmen and artists, as well the design team behind the ACE HOTEL branding, Portland based creative agency, OMFGCO, WIRED HOTEL aims to create a unique stay experience through which guests coming to visit Asakusa can truly immerse themselves in, interact with, and further understand the local Asakusa culture.

The three key points we aim to highlight through this LOCAL COMMUNITY HOTEL are AMBASSADORS, 1MILE x 100 MILE, and C.A.F.E.

LOCAL COMMUNITY HOTEL means a space where people from all backgrounds from those traveling from around the world, local Asakusa people, actors, and those coming to see plays, can come together in one borderless and welcoming atmosphere.

Local People who believe in the WIRED HOTEL concept from all nationalities, ages, hobbies, and work fields.
Over the past two years, WIRED HOTEL has gathered around 50 Ambassadors (as of March 2017). These ambassadors introduce their favorite locations in the local Asakusa area and the greater Kanto area, which we then share with those who come to our events and to stay at the Hotel. Guests have access to this information on the WIRED HOTEL website as well as the 1 mile guide book next to the front desk! Guests can also enjoy interacting with the guests staying in the hotel through the monthly 1MILE X 100MILE event. The WIRED HOTEL stay experience is not only about experiencing what the hotel has recommended but also about receiving recommendations from the Ambassadors and taking that out into the world!

■1MILE x 100MILE
By incorporating different aspects of the local community into WIRED HOTEL, guests can experience a unique and more in depth experience.
1 MILE is the area surrounding the hotel that can be easily accessed by walking. 100 MILE is the areas that can easily be reached by a train ride or a day trip out of Tokyo. WIRED HOTEL uses these areas as the starting point for places to recommend to its guests. Also, the hotel has incorporated this concept into not only the 1st floor café space and menu, but also into the amenities and artwork utilized throughout the rooms and the common spaces. We aim for this to guide our guests to unique experiences within the Asakusa area as well as provide insight into the nature and beauty of the 100 mile radius of Tokyo. Through being able to experience both of these aspects of Tokyo, we hope that guests will leave Tokyo with a more memorable experience of the city.

A community space for people from the community and people from the world to come together.
At WIRED HOTEL, we have prepared a variety of rooms from hotel room to Penthouse suite in order to accommodate guests with all kinds of travel needs. We have also prepared a wealth of events in our first floor café and bar, ZAKBARAN, that the guests and local people can enjoy together and exchange travel stories and culture. WIRED HOTEL encapsulates the concept of COMMUNITY ACCESS FOR EVERYONE (C.A.F.E) and will become a space from all kinds of people with all kinds of purposes to come and create a new style of community.

Design Theme "Wabi Sabi Modern & 1MILE x 100MILE Crafts"

From the casual style dormitory/hostel rooms to the luxurious penthouse suite, the design has all be carefully thought out and focuses on providing a hotel for everyone.

The Cafe Company design team has prepared a simple base design of copper, mortar, and wood material to create a design that reaches a perfect balance between Japanese and Western elements. Through the original leather chairs and Japanese Washi paper as well as other collaboration amenities and goods with local Asakusa and Kanto area craftsmen and artists, the hotel create a playful expression of traditional Japan. Also, all the beds in the hotel feature Swedish made DUXIANA beds which have also been featured in a 7-star hotel and are handmade by craftsmen.


<Interior / Design Collaboration> (in no particular order) 

Tomoo Nishidate
Cafe Compay Inc. Design Team


Using the theme of 1 mile in their menu items and 100 mile in the ingredients use,
To pair with the diverse menu, we also have hand-selected a variety of Japanese Sake and our ZAKBARAN sour.


ZAKBARAN is an old Edo term which means the ability to or the state of speaking freely or openly. We want all people who come to our café, travelers from around the world, Ambassadors, local Asakusa people, performers, to feel that even if it their first-time, they can feel as though they themselves have become "ZAKBARAN." This kind of borderless community was our image when naming this space.

WIRED HOTEL's breakfast and lunch sets include freshly made Tofu and fresh ingredients that have been seasoned and cooked in traditional Edo era seasoning styles. While relaxing in ZAKBARAN, you can also enjoy traditional Japanese sweets and a matcha soy milk latte during our tea time. At night, the space turns into a collage of different faces and backgrounds in our Edo bar. Featuring an array of dishes that highlight the 1mile like Edo appetizers, our chefs use fresh ingredients from the 100mile radius. WIRED HOTEL will provide not only a large collection of specially selected Japanese sakes, but we will also have other drinks like cocktails and Shochu. This space not only provides authentic Edo cuisine but will also provide a place for interaction and exchange with events like our "1mile x 100mile" event highlighting Ambassadors favorite spots in Tokyo, WIRED HOTEL Snack Night, and a wide variety of other workshops and events with local business owners and craftsmen to bring the local Asakusa into the hotel space itself.

< Menu *may change after opening >

Breakfast: 7:00 - 10:00

Morning Breakfast Set: ¥2,000
Tofu Donuts and Drink Set: ¥700

▼Lunch/ Cafe: 10:00 - 17:00

Japanese Set Menu (Same as Morning Set w/ Dessert) ¥300
Dessert Set: from ¥900

*Weekends / Holidays only 14:00 - 17:00 Appetizer Menu

▼BAR: 17:00 - 23:00 (L.O.22:00)

Edo Appetizers: Stewed Beef, BAKURAI Lemon, KAMINARI Tofu
Vegetables: Asakusa Seaweed Salad, Radish and Tofu Salad, Wasabi Potato Salad
Fried: Mixed Edo Tempura, Fried Mackerel, Prawn Tempura, Seasonal Tempura Vegetables
Meat/Fish: Japanese style roast beef. Grilled Chicken Marinade, Grilled Fish
Steamed Rice: Steamed Rice with Red Snapper. Seasonal Steamed Rice
Appetizers that go well with Alcohol: Fish Fermented in Miso, Sea Cucumbers, Salted Squid
Noodles: Clam Ramen Noodles
Rice: Rice Porridge In Fish Stock, Salted Onigiri (Rice Balls)
Sweets: Roasted Green Tea Pudding, Sweet Sake Blanc Manger, Yuzu Flavored Ice Cream

Exclusive Welcome Service for 10F, WIRED PENTHOUSE BY DUXIANA

"Learn the traditions of Japan through your own body, learn what can be changed and what can't be changed through Japanese sweets." This is the base concept of Asakusa/ Shimagoe based Wagashi Kokonotsu Tea Room, which sells their Japanese sweets (Wagashi) through reservations only. These Wagashi are available in the 10th floor Penthouse along with Kuramae based NAKAMURA TEA LIFE STORE's completely organic, single-origin teas.

Japanese Sweets Kokonotsu




■ Name and Hours of Operation
WIRED HOTEL ASAKUSA: Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 11:00
ZAKBARAN: 7:00〜23:00(L.O.22:00)

■ Opening Date

April 1st, 2017(Saturday)

■ Address
Asakusa Kokono Club
2-16-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
1F:Cafe & Bar「ZAKBARAN / 3F〜10F:Hotel Rooms
※2F:Les Pros Entertainment run theatre, ASAKUSA KYUGEKI

■ Phone Number

■ About the Rooms
30 Rooms /Max Occupancy 85
Hotel(5F〜10F) / Hostel / Dormitory(3F・4F)
Superior(¥32,000〜¥50,000) / Standard(¥14,000〜¥26,000) /
Hostel / Dormitory(¥4,800 / ¥5,000)

*Tax not-included/ Prices will vary depending on the season

■ Access
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line /Tobu Isezaki Line「Asakusa Station」9 min. walk
Tsukuba Express「Asakusa Station」3 min. walk.


ZAKBARAN Shop page

■ Social

Instagram @wiredhotel

■ Planning・Operation・Design・Menu(WIRED HOTEL ASAKUSA / ZAKBARAN)

Cafe Copmany Inc.