In 1999, we opened our first cafe underneath the train tracks in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. Since then, we have expanded to over 100 locations - mostly in the Tokyo area, but also in Kyoto, Osaka, and a handful of other cities.


    We have two main lines of shops, WIRED CAFE and then everything else. WIRED CAFE was born in Harajuku and with a casual comfort food, huge desserts, and original drinks became very popular with the young, fashionable crowd. Now we have around 40 WIRED brand locations. The EVERYTHING ELSE restaurants have only one or a few locations each, and are tailored to meld into their particular neighborhoods. As we define the word “cafe” as a “community gathering place centered on food & drink”, we do not limit ourselves to a coffee shop experience, but experiment with all types of restaurants. We also operate Japanese-style izakayas, Italian restaurants, ramen shops, a casual Japanese restaurant & tea house, a Spanish bar, a book store, a live music restaurant, an event space & cooking school, and various other shop types. Our team of chefs, interior designers, architects, and operations managers have built up a high level of expertise in creating and operating successful cafes and restaurants. We directly operate all of our locations. We do not currently offer franchises, but may experiment more in the future.

    Outside of the city centers, we operate several location that emphasize using local ingredients and giving back to the local community. Most of these locations come in the for of specialty food courts in country-side highway rest stops.

    We often collaboration with corporations for promotional restaurants. From left to right: IYEMON SALON KYOTO, with Suntory - one of the world's largest beverage companies, Minoru Diner Ginza, with JA/Zennoh - Japan's National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, KEWPIE Kitchen, with KEWPIE - Japan's largest mayonnaise and condiment producer.

    Besides just cafes & restaurants, we have experiment with other stores types including a cafe / yoga studio, a cafe / book store, a cafe / cooking school, or a cafe / coworking space.