SUS Shibuya Underpass Society

SUS Shibuya Underpass Society

[CLOSED] SUS was where it all began for Cafe Company in 2001*. Underneath some elevated train tracks in Shibuya, we built Shibuya Underpass Society, which included a cafe (Planet3rd - which would later move to Koenji), a lunch box shop (Lunch to go), a bar / club (Secobar - whic would later move to another location in Shibuya). SUS quickly became known as a one of the go-to spot in Shibuya for the younger generation.

As these train tracks already scheduled to be torn down, SUS was a temporary location and closed in 2005. It reopen in 2006 in a different Shibuya location as Shibuya Universal Society.

*Our first cafe was actually WIRED CAFE on Cat Street in 1999, but that was before we incorporated as Cafe Company Inc.


closed in 2005.